Stretch film (machine & hand)


A stretch film exhibits high elongation, high cohesion and high holding power. Types of stretch film available.

Particular Typical Value
Thickness 23 Micron and 25 Micron
Tensile Strength

1 Kg / 25 mm (hand),
1.5 kg / 25 mm (machine)


300% (hand),
400% (machine)

Color Natural
Width 500 mm

Application And Usage

A general purpose stretch film used for various packing of paper rolls, machine, wood, plastic, for indus¬ trial, home and office use. Generally used in packaging industry to hold boxes on a pallet for transport and articles against any damages.


We also have various other stretch film as mentioned below:


Antistatic Stretch Film:

It is used for stretch wrapping during transportation of static sensitive materials especially electronic goods and omponents.

Coated Stretch Film:

The film resists moisture, prevents rust formation and provides superior mechanical properties to snug fit large palletised loads.
This Stretch film works only in the areas where it is physically touching the components.

Pre-Stretch Film:

This film is already stretched to 200 %. It helps in getting more millage, faster production and lesser operator fatigue.

PVC Stretch Film:

This is a food grade stretch film used in packaging of various edible items.