Fine line masking tape


High temperature fine line tape is a vinyl or nylon paint masking tape for fascia, rocker panels, two-tone and other multiple color application where critical paint break lines are required.



• The confirmable backing is designed for uniform stretching to help create better paint lines.
• The adhesive and backing work together to reduce paint seepage to a minimum.
• Can be used successfully with most solvent or water base paint systems.
• It will give outstanding colour separation due to thinness of product.
• Smooth trimmed edges create a continuous straight paint line.


Application And Usage:

This premium tape is used for applications such as lane marks, automotive paint spraying, bandoleering and electroplating. The heat resistance is 100°C for 1 hour.


Technical Characteristics:

Type of Testing Typical Value
Tape Thickness 130-140 Micron
Backing Vinyl or Nylon
Adhesive Type Natural Rubber Latex
Adhesion to Steel (kg/lOOmm) 150
Tensile Strength (kg/lOOmm) 2.8
Temperature Resistance 200°C/hr