Surface Protection Tape


This Tape is made of L.D.P.E Film and is a available in Transparent, Milky White and Black and White. Self Adhesive Surface Protection has excellent Protection against damages and scratches. This Tape has adjustable peel force, No Adhesive Residue, Weather Resistant and UV Resistant. You can get it in any other color on special request. We also have surface protection tape which is made from PVC. It is more rigid and is basically used in the electronic industries for Led Protection, Mobile Phone Front Glass Protection and Etc.



Application and Usage:


This tape is used to protect surfaces from scratches, dust or any dirt. When removed it will leave no adhesive residue until 2 years. The tape can be used on glass, steel, plywood's, powder coated, glossy, metal and many more surfaces. Each surface has a specific tape which is required so please contact our technical team before applying.




S.No Type of Testing Typical Value Test Method

Film Thickness

35 Micron IS:8402
2 Total Thickness 40 -100 micron IS:8402
3 Type of Adhesive Acrylic (w) N/A
4 Tensile Strength 25 ASTMD-1000
5 Elongation 120/10 ASTMD-1000
6 Adhesion to Steel 250 ASTMD-1000
7 Temperature Resistance 60°C IS:8402
8 Colour

Transparent, Milky White & Black & White