Powder coating tape


polyester film backing with silicone-based adhesive. It is chemical resistant and temperature resistant. It can be removed easily with no residue left on substrate.PET is suitable for splicing and masking silicon surface.


Feature :

-Good chemical resistant
-Durable up to 200°c
-No residual after removal

Application :

1.Splicing and holding silicon-coated surfaces
2.Used for printed circuit board gold finger plating application
3.Suitable for powder coating


Technical Data :


Property Unit Avg Test value Test method
Backing -

PET film

Gule -

Silicon Base

Total Thickness - 0.07mm (2.8mil)       ASTM D-1000
Adhension to steel kg/25mm 0.50↑ ASTM D-1000
Tensile Streanth kg/25mm 9↑ ASTM D-1000
Elongation (%) 70↑ ASTM D-1000
Heat Resistance (⟩) 200 * 2hrs -
Solvent Resistance (30min|) PASS -